Friday, 18 August 2017

Get Painless Beard Hair Transplant From One Of The Top-Notch Clinics In London

A thick beard could be regarded as the sign of masculinity, but due to injuries, previous hair removal method or other genetic problem, some men are facing difficulty in growing their full beards. Using highly advanced FUE beard transplant technique at beard hair transplant clinics in London, anyone can get back his lost confidence, smile and could achieve better results.

How Does The Process Work?
This transplant procedure mainly operated on the beard and mustache area, but if you have patchy spots in the beard, cheeks or sideburns, it also benefits you as well. It is done using two methods: either FUE or FUT harvesting.
But one of the top-rated Rejuvenate Hair Transplant Clinics in London uses FUE ( (Follicular Unit Extraction) method to fix facial hair mainly of the beard at every level. During this procedure, the specialist gives local anesthesia and takes the hair of donor from the scalp one by one using a unique instrument.
And it could also be taken from the other body parts like as chest. Then, the hair follicles were kept in an appropriate cold and wet environment till the transplantation completes. Then, the specialist decides where the transplant is to be accomplished. And finally, he puts the grafts by FUE technique in the place where the balding or thinning has arisen without hurting the skin by opening holes. They select the hair of same texture, tone, density and color to the desired facial hair. It is also known as 1-step implantation.

There are many advantages of getting a beard transplant done from one of the most reputed Hair Transplant Clinics in London. Like as it is a painless process, the hair becomes permanent, a natural appearance, fast recovery, get back to his daily work instantly after a few days, and Naturally maintained that will boost your personality at a budget-friendly price.
You need to be patient and proper care for quick recovery. Within 5 to 7 days of transplant, the healing process starts. However, for full healing, it takes around 1 or 1 month. Most of the people at one of the best Hair Transplant Clinics in London get their scars fade ways on after two weeks of a beard transplant.

So it's time to invest more and spend less at Rejuvenate Hair TransplantClinics in London which uses high-tech FUE method. So, it's time to schedule your appointment today.

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