Friday, 8 June 2018

What are the Beard Transplant Side Effects and its Cost?

Facial hair is the sign of prestige and masculinity. But in today's fast life, most men have been facing patchiness throughout their beard and sideburns. The most common question which strikes to every men mind about the sideburn, goatee or beard restoration is "are there any side effects? 

When the people think of restoring the natural looking facial hair with the simple process, the beard transplant is the ideal solution for them. But the best part of today's facial surgery is that the procedures no longer have any harmful effects on the skin or the long recovery time. Also, a full beard transplant is performed carefully under the guidance of skilled surgeons.

What are the side effects of beard transplant?

If the facial hair loss patients carefully stick to the after-care guidance as said by the specialists, the beard transplant side effects are minimal. But it is a surgical process, and the patients can expect some general redness, tenderness, soreness, tightness, numbness of the face & scalp, low-level swelling in the facial region and temporary scabbing & crusts during this time very soon after beard transplant (about five days). 

With the patience and proper care, it will heal naturally. Another side-effect that may lead to the alarm, but it is a natural part of the procedure is shredding. It may seem awkward but is sad to have hair loss after the process. This shredding is expected with a lot of patients but is temporary, and the hair will grow soon advised by the surgeon (around three months)

Unexpected Side Effects

If you are facing physical reactions or other side effects, then this may be a reaction to the surgery itself. The persons who face massive fatigue or vomiting post surgery should contact the experienced surgeon right away to get the proper advice, but in many cases, these effects do not occur.

Beard transplant Cost UK

The beard transplant cost UK depends on the extent of hair loss or patchiness you are experiencing. 

Will the patient shave and style the beard usually?

Post beard surgery, you will be able to style and shave the facial hair as you like. The hair grafts get transplanted as individual grafts to offer 100% natural look; great care must be taken to make sure you have natural growth including the careful placement of the hair grafts at the correct direction and angle of the average hair growth. Once it gets placed, the microscopically dissected grafts get permanent.

If you're finding the Best Hair Transplant Surgery UK, then Rejuvenate Hair Clinics is the best one to get a thick and full beard at a low cost. We also offer expert advice to the hair loss clients on the facial hair restoration, beard transplant options, and beard transplant side-effects. Get in touch with our adroit specialists to know more about the transplant procedures.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

7 Weirdest Hair Restoration Myths Exposed

Hair restoration continues to gain immense popularity and lot of people get advantages from the confidence boost it provides. Thus, few people still find that the myths about hair transplant prove a roadblock to them as it is the life-changing surgery. 

If you are finding the superior Hair Transplant Surgery London , then there is no need to look beyond Rejuvenate Hair Clinics. So, debunking these myths will help a lot of people to know what benefits the hair restoration offers.

1. Myth: Hair transplant is not suitable for old people

It has no scientific reason behind this, but only a surgeon can decide whether a person is suitable for the surgery or not as this decision does not depend on the age alone. Moreover, a lot of doctors refuse to carry out the operation on customers under the age of 30 as they prefer to wait till a hair loss pattern has well set, that is much hard in younger patients.

2. Myth: Transplantation will lead to the visible scars

Whenever the skin gets deflated, a scar will create. It is the body's way to heal itself, but any wounds from the surgery are very less. Post FUT process, a linear scar will be left, but the rest of hair typically covers it. FUE treatments leave small circular scars which are barely noticeable.

3. Myth: It can be painful

It is not true. Doctors give Anaesthesia to the patients to numb the region during the process. Patients can comfortably relax and sit or do anything they would like to do at the time of treatment. There is minimal discomfort after the procedure either.

4. Myth: It may affect the brain

Not it's it entirely untrue. The surgery is not concerned with the skin on the hair scalp. It will don't affect the brain.

5. Myth: The surgery is suitable for men

It is not true. Hair restoration works well for the victims of female and male pattern baldness.

6. Myth: Rinsing hair will affect the hair growth

After ten days, the follicles will set well, so washing, cutting, and combing hair are allowed. Moreover, shampooing the region can increase the risk of infection. So, shampoo hair as advised by your surgeon.

7. Myth: The surgeon uses the hair of an unknown person 

The hair used for the hair transplant must match your hair, so the doctors usually take the hair from the patient's head. Bodily hair has different qualities to the hair on your head so it would not offer the fantastic results.

Rejuvenate Hair Clinics is the # 1 Hair Transplant Clinics London, and our adroit surgeons perform surgery using the modern techniques to restore lost hair. It also helps to re-shape your thin hairline with your own natural and thick growing hair. Our professional Hair Loss Clinic London team takes pride in offering the excellent quality service at pocket-friendly rates. 

Monday, 14 May 2018

Rejuvenate Hair Clinics: Provide Best Biofibre Hair transplant In UK

Rejuvenate Hair Clinics is one of the best clinics in London which is well known for providing best quality natural hair transplant. You can contact us for any type of hair transplants like beard transplant, eyebrow transplant, and head hair transplant.

Hair is the essential part of personality whether he is a boy and she is a girl. In current point of time many youngsters are suffering from hair related issues like hair loss at an early age, hair fall, whitening of hairs, etc. among all the hair related issues early baldness and hair loss at the age of twenties is a big issue that needs to be addressed. Because baldness in the early age of twenties can become a matter of embarrassment in youngsters, which can lower their self-esteem. You can boost your confidence with biofibre hair implant UK

If you are one of them who are suffering from hair loss and complete baldness, do not worry! Rejuvenate Hair Clinics is here with a solution. We provide biofibre hair implant UK at an affordable price. You can come to us any time for hair transplant. 

We provide natural hair transplant which where donor hair fibers are taken from your body part which makes this biofibre hair transplant UK natural, after this hair transplant your new hair growth will be 100 percent natural. Some people think that hair transplant surgery is time-consuming and include a lots pain well! This is a misconception, biofibre hair implant UK provided by us takes only one day in surgery and after 24 hours you can go back to your home and re-growing of your hairs will take place within 4-5 months of hair transplant surgery. 

You can maintain and comb these hairs as you used to do it before. We charge minimal Biofibre Hair Transplant Cost and provide you best and reliable hair transplant services in London. 

We have team well educated and experienced doctors who provide you best biofibre hair transplant London. You can contact us any time for any kind of hair transplant. We are always there for you.  

Thursday, 3 May 2018

3 Surefire Symptoms of Hair Loss You Should Not Ignore

Losing hair can cause a lot of anxiety and distress on the people, but it can be tough to face it, mainly for those who once feel pride to their luscious locks in the past. You will notice the hair thinning in the early stages. If you spot a lot of hairs on your pillow after getting up in the morning or spot hairs or your shower drain, you need to seriously think about your hair loss and take necessary steps as soon as possible. So, check out the hair loss symptoms which you should not ignore.

1. Hair Thinning

Hair loss is the gradual low process, and it can be tough to spot in the short time span. You may notice this while running your hands via your hair that your hairs are not dense as they are once. It is a good signal to know that you are losing more hair than you are growing. So it’s time to take care of them before it gets too late. With early intervention, you can spot the hair thinning quickly and further help the remaining hairs to grow more thick and full.

2. Receding Hairline

This condition occurs in the age group crossing 50's. But if you are facing the receding hairline early than the age of 50, it’s vital to take necessary steps. It gets worse with the passing time, eventually crawling all over the head and often leaves the scalp exposed. It is essential to address this problem as early as possible, and only the hair loss surgery can help to improve the condition.

3. Bald Spots (patchy or circular)

Sometime balding occurs in an irregular patchy way or random circle shaped bald spots. If you have spotted patches or round bald spots, then it's time to take from the best-renowned hair loss surgeons. Sometimes you will also face burning or tingling sensation in the regions which are being affected, so it easy to spot what is happening.

If you are experiencing severe hair loss and want to boost the hair growth, then it's wise to opt for the Best HairTransplant London at Rejuvenate Hair Clinics. Our expert specialists use the advanced techniques and tools to help you regain the lost hair natural hairs. We are the # 1 hair replacement company that offers the Best Hair Transplant in London at an affordable cost and if you see any of the symptoms mentioned above, seek appointment from our professional surgeons immediately.

Monday, 23 April 2018

How To Get Rid Of Itching After Beard Transplant Surgery?

Beard Transplant (Facial hair transplant) is the best option for men who are not able to grow full bread on their own or are facing the patchiness or thin spots in the beard. It takes only a few hours (depending on the hairs needed for surgery). The healing time can take long (month or more). During this period, you might face and discomfort on your face like as itching under your new beard.

1. Avoid scratching it

After the surgery, you will spot welling around the grafted regions followed by the scabs. It is normal and same as when your skin gets scraped or faces cuts. The treated part of your face is trying to heal on its own, and the best way is to leave it alone as picking and scratching could increase the risk of the infection. Also, avoid eliminating any scabs underneath your skin. If you have scratched the beard and the blood, is oozing out or if it gets swelled and inflamed, consult your surgeon or aftercare team immediately as you may require an antibiotic or other care to avoid the infection.

2. Use only medicated shampoo

A lot of hair loss clinics will offer you the aftercare pack which includes a mild medicated lotion or shampoo to help the treated regions heal efficiently and provide you some relief. And the doctor or aftercare team will give instructions on how to use them on your beard for the initial days.

3. Avoid Shaving

Don't make any hurry in shaving your itchy beard as this will worsen your condition. The treated regions will face cuts or get affected by the infection. Avoid shaving the beard for at least one-month post-beard transplant surgery.

4. The Itching Will Stop

Almost all men who undergo beard hair transplant will face post-op beard itch, but the best part is that this sensation will not exist for more than one week. It is very uncommon that it gets painful or severe. That one week is nothing when you know you will get the luxuriant beard after the few years.

If you are looking for the professional Beard Transplant London clinic, then ‘Rejuvenate Hair Clinics' is the perfect option to hide the beard patches. It is the one-stop clinic for all your hair restoration needs. Our adroit surgeons use only effective and latest technologies to deliver the customized and excellent results. Also, the Beard Transplant UK Cost is too less which offer an added advantage to the patients!!

Monday, 2 April 2018

6 Pre-Operative Tips To Follow For Beard Hair Transplant

Facial hair transplant (Beard Transplant) is one of the leading cosmetic surgery across the world amongst a large number of men. It is a delicate procedure, so it is essential that you understand the goals, risks, and limitations of it as you adhere to the following advice will surely guarantee you the outstanding results.

1. Ten days before the surgery: Avoid taking aspirin, ginkgo biloba, vitamin E, or any multivitamin. A lot of medicines also contain aspirin so make sure to read the labels well before taking any.

2. Three days before your process: Avoid consuming anti-inflammatory medicines plus also prevent over-exposure to sun and alcohol use.

3. Arrange for transportation: post surgery if you will be getting any depressant during the procedure, it is better to arrange your transportation as the whole process takes typically around maximum eight hours.

4. To help cover the stitches at donor site: The doctor takes the hair from the back of the head during FUE process need to be a minimum ½ inch (2 cm) in length. So, plan accordingly and discuss this with the doctor or his assistants.

5. For fast healing and recovery: Avoid smoking for about one well before and after the process.

6. Take vitamin C: Take about 1000-2000 mg vitamin C for just one well before the process for fast healing. To also lower the bleeding, take 50 to 80 micro grams of vitamin K in a day. Do this five days before the beard transplant and continue this for two days after.

Beard transplant Cost:

Beard transplant rates depend on the plenty of factors such as the clinic reputation, expertise of the surgeon and the country. But the most critical factor is the number of hair grafts to be taken for the entire procedure. If you have only corrected your goatee, the price will be low in contrary to the full beard. The Beard Transplant Cost UK starts from approximately 7000 € to 9000 €.

Rejuvenate Hair Clinics is the reputed Beard Transplant London clinic that offers you the fantastic and 100% natural face beard at low cost. At our clinic, the Beard Transplant UK Cost is quite pocket-friendly plus we use latest techniques of face hair transplantation to guarantee the high hair density and perfect results to the patients. Moreover, our surgery has a quick recovery period, no swelling, and entirely pain-free.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Get natural hairline at the Best UK Hair Transplant Clinic

For the many persons, their hair is their greatest glory, and no one wants to compromise on it. In our society, our outer looks matter a lot, and everyone just wants to look the best at any cost. If you are hunting for the Best Hair Transplant UK, then get excellent quality hair transplant surgery at Rejuvenate Hair Clinics. 

Whether you are at the advanced stages of hair loss or facing a receding hairline, then our hair restoration surgery can help you a lot in getting back your lost confidence, youthful look, and smile. We have turned out to be the perfect clinic by the myriad of hair loss patients across the world.

The cost of our hair restoration treatment is quite pocket-friendly as anyone could get this treatment and enjoy the benefits to the fullest. We are the ideal center mounted by the skilled and experienced surgeons that will render you the best worth of your money. 

We at Rejuvenate Hair Clinics use modern methods, tools, and machinery to carry out the best Hair Transplantation. Our specialists guarantee that post-transplantation, the hair grows at the naturally as normal does. In fact, you can easily style and trim them as you do them with the natural ones. 

The results are of impeccable quality an accurate that even the hairstylist fails to spot the difference. We have attained a lot of success and acclamation. With this increasing trend, our high-end hair transplant surgery is considered the best in the London and globally too.

We not just help the people in attaining the lustrous looks back in the most shot time span. Each surgery is performed under the supervision of the meticulous surgeons precisely to make every surgery flawless. 

The surgeons at our clinic have performed many transplants with 100%% success rate without any scars or side effects. We also offer cost-effective and efficient tips and solutions to maintain the hair sheen even after surgery. Get a free consultation from the UK's top Hair Transplant surgeons at the Best UK Hair Transplant Clinic today!!